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First Aid Lessons for Children and Young People

As of September 2020, the Department for Education has decided that all state funded schools will be required to teach first aid as part of health education.


Primary school pupils are required to be taught basic first aid skills such as how to deal with burns and head injuries. Secondary school pupils will be expected to learn lifesaving first aid such as CPR and how to use defibrillators.

The following charities; St John Ambulance, British Red Cross and The British Heart Foundation who formed the “Every Child a Lifesaver” coalition whilst
campaigning for CPR to be taught in schools have created various teaching resources and first aid training that can assist you in delivering this education to pupils.

St John Ambulance have free lesson plans ready for download for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. They also offer pupil first aid classes which meet the Department for Education curriculum requirements, prices for these can be gained on application.

British Red Cross offer free teaching resources and fun first aid quizzes on their website.

The British Heart Foundation also offer teaching resources and each school (with pupils aged over 12) can apply for a free CPR kit which includes; reusable inflatable manikins, kneeling mats, red inflation bags, practise while training DVDs, manual inflation pumps, cleaning wipes all in a handy carry bag.

Please do let us know of any other resources that you have found useful that we could promote on this page by contacting SSE@somerset.gov.uk.

06 Mar 2020

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