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Vision Support Team
Providing educational support for children and young people with a visual impairment.
The Somerset Vision Support Team provides educational support for any child or young person who has a confirmed diagnosis of a visual impairment.

The team can work with children from birth or as soon as there is a diagnosis.

It provides support from Qualified Teachers of Visual Impairment, Higher Level Teaching Assistants and a Habilitation Specialist.
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21 Apr
New Governors - Maintained Schools/ Local Governance Bodies
The Induction session aims to develop your confidence and understanding of: - The key roles and responsibilities - Good practice - How to get to know your school - Managing the workload
23 Apr
Year 2 Assessment Update
9.00 Welcome Overview: Assessment at the end of KS1 • The ARA: Assessment and Reporting Arrangements for KS1 in 2018 • National Assessment: changes this year • Access arrangements • Maladministration 9.20 Assessing writing • The revised standards for assessing writing at the end of KS1 • The use of the ‘flexible approach’ • Editing • Moderating writing PLEASE BRING WRITING SAMPLES FOR TWO Y2 CHILDREN 1. A child you expect to be at the expected standard in June 2. A child you expect to be at greater depth in June 10.30 Refreshments 10.45 Assessing Mathematics • Developing reasoning • Gathering evidence PLEASE BRING WORK SAMPLES FOR MATHEMATICS FOR TWO Y2 CHILDREN 1. A child you expect to be at the expected standard in June 2. A child you expect to be at greater depth in June 11.20 Assessing Reading • Gathering evidence PLEASE BRING EVIDENCE FOR READING FOR TWO Y2 CHILDREN 1. A child you expect to be at the expected standard in June 2. A child you expect to be at greater depth in June 11.45 LA KS1 Moderation arrangements for 2018 12.00 Close
23 Apr
Introduction to Child Protection
The aims of this course are: - To provide an introductory level of knowledge and understanding about child abuse - To provide a local and national perspective, and to know what to do if you suspect that a child is being abused. By the end of the course participants will: - Understand the different types of child abuse and the ways that they can affect children - Have a basic understanding of the way that key agencies work to protect children - Have a clear understanding of the Somerset child protection procedures - Have an opportunity to develop better inter-agency working partnerships and consider the unique responsibility that each has in the protection of children - Have an understanding of their own professional responsibility in relation to child protection.
23 Apr
Induction for Professional Tutors
The session will cover: *Role of the Professional Tutor (PT) with specific reference to the NEW Mentor Standards *Role of the Placement Moderator (PM) *Expectations for Trainees *Expectations for School *Day 1 on Placement *Weekly meetings *Early Identification of emerging issues re Trainee performance *Grade Descriptors when making judgements *Formal Lesson Observation by PT and PM *End of Placement Reports *Cause for Concern. Role of PM and Individual Support Tutor (IST)
24 Apr
Effective School Office
There will be representation from HR, Education Finance, Safeguarding and SIMS Support -please see the full agenda. This is a practical awareness raising session, teams will introduce themselves and their services providing contact details and ensuring attendees know how to access key information. The session will help schools understand what services and help are available to them especially where DfE priorities have changed and there are new processes. important upcoming key dates will be highlighted helping staff to prioritise work planning. The aim of this seminar is that attendees will feel supported in their role in School, know who to contact, when to effectively manage the School Office and their work.
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